Digital Events

Post-pandemic, events are going to continue to require both digital and hybrid opportunities for attendees. We are helping our VC clients navigate this new normal with beautiful digital experiences for their LPs, portfolio companies, and the general public.

Our secure, customized event platform is run by an experienced team of event professionals who understand the high profile nature of your team and your LPs, and will ensure a stress-free digital experience. Even better, you can parlay the meeting experience to become your LP Portal post-event, with videos, deck content, and more, all on your own URL.

Why we’re different

We get you. We understand the VC and investor community like no other vendor, having worked heavily in the space for more than a decade. We know the high profile nature of your work and understand the urgency, the ever-changing agenda, and the goals you have for your event.

Unmatched quality. Our platform is purpose-built to make it easy to match our clients’ brand and voice in the market, with lots of options to customize it to your meeting objectives. We are driven to create beautiful experiences for our clients. With events, that extends to all aspects of the meeting, not just in the design of the page but in how the end users experience every aspect of the event, from registration to Q&A and everything in between.

Your digital event sherpa. Managing live LP Days was hard enough. Managing digital platforms adds an extra layer of complexity to an already high-stress event. This is KBD Events core job, giving our clients the confidence (and sanity) needed to execute on a great online annual meeting. From planning, to branding, to design implementation, coding, production, greenroom support, and more, our team is with you throughout the process and are as invested in your event’s success as you are.

Thanks again to this team. You always make us look so good to our network. Really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to making sure people experience Greylock brand in a top notch way.

Elisa Schreiber, Marketing Partner at Greylock

How It Works

Custom Q&A and Chat
Custom Branding
Live Notifications
Fullscreen Capabilities
Streaming Graphics & Deck
Header & Footer
Responsive Agenda Sessions
Personalized Agenda
Breakout Sessions
Bio Pop-Ups

Take it for a spin

Because every event and client are different, we approach every engagement with our event team as custom and white glove. We will build the event site and functionality to your specific needs and devote our team to its success. We’d love to dig into details with you. Give us a shout to set up a demo.