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Lillie Cooper

Design Director

Hailing from the New Orleans, LA area, Lillie has a flair for adventure, spicy food, and all things music-infused. Her graduate degree is in Visual Communications from the University of Edinburgh’s College of Art, and with a broad background in marketing, design, brand strategy, and relationship management, she has been leading projects for clients across the globe for over twenty years. These days, she lives in Durham—and will happily go into detail to tell you how amazing it is—while striving to ‘Improve the World’ with great processes, amazing design, and a happy smile.

Fun Facts: She loves to cook, started an award winning food column, and has won national recipe awards, but her proudest foodie moment was being the only female and taking the prize at a pizza eating contest in college. She will always, and I mean always, be that gal out on the dance floor.


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