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Shahla Mahdavi

A native of Louisville, KY Shahla joined KBD in fall of 2015. A lover of all things creative, Shahla began her career in the BFA program at the University of Louisville, and is a self-taught front-end developer specializing in WordPress.

Having worked at a number of Louisville’s top-tier agencies as both a designer and developer, Shahla brings with her a passion for design, especially for the web – as well as a love for colors, fonts, CSS and cats. An entrepreneur at heart Shahla has helped a variety of start-ups with creative branding and identity to help take their businesses to the next level. Shahla is the co-founder of the Louisville chapter of Girl Develop It, whose mission is to create a unique and hands-on approach for women interested in programming.

In the rare times Shahla is not working, she enjoys experimenting with code, playing music, obsessing over Game of Thrones, and tormenting playing with her cat, Chloe.

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