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Your website is your digital sales team.

As the most visible, everyday representation of your brand, your website’s job is to tell the same story you would tell customers in person, while generating sales leads and buzz about your firm or company.

We liken website builds to a house remodel. They require a great deal of planning, design, construction, and talented artisans to bring it all together. And, like a house remodel, the most successful projects are reliant on constant communication. Our website process gives our clients the confidence that it reflects who they are, and the finished result will be an an evolving entity that will grow with the company and an extraordinary sales tool moving forward.

Step 1


One of the things we are best at at KBD is getting intimate with our clients’ firms, the personalities, the expectations, and the challenges. We will spend some time in your office getting to know you and the team, and a lot of time outside of your office doing research on how to best present the brand going forward. With your permission, we’d like to talk to some of your customers, investors, or members of the media that you feel might have good feedback on how the brand should evolve.


We also use this initial phase to help you better understand your starting point. What kind of traction does your site currently have on Google Analytics? What are your goals going forward? Understanding where you are can help us better plan where we are going.

Step 2

User Experience Mapping.

KBD helps you articulate the content for the site with specific decision-maker personas in mind for each stage of the buying cycle. Each piece of content, whether it’s your solutions page, or a blog, video, or white paper, needs to be actionable to start making your website work on your behalf.

We leverage a cloud-based software to parlay our discovery work into true content/storylines on your website. We liken it to an online whiteboard…it allows for multiple revisions and gives us a sense of how the site will navigate for each of the user personas we have developed. Everyone on both your team and ours will have access to it.

User Experience Mapping.
Step 3


By the time we start designing the look and feel of your website, we have all been working together to establish set expectations for design solutions. So while seeing those first designs is always exciting, we aim to never make it be a surprise for you and your team. Every choice, from layout and color to type size and style is made with your communication goals in mind. All page designs will be shown in both desktop and mobile formats.

Step 4

Development, Q/A
and Site Launch.

KBD is primarily a WordPress shop. We have an in-house development team well versed in building custom modules, allowing you to make your own updates to all areas of the site pre- and post-launch. Working with your team, the site will be thoroughly tested for quality across all browser types and formats before launching it to the world.

KBD also is pleased to offer at-cost hosting services to our clients upon request.


Development, Q/A<br>and Site Launch.
Step 5

Ongoing maintenance.

Launching a website is kind of like having a baby. Once it’s born you can’t just shove it in the corner and hope that it thrives on its own. You need to nurture it and help it grow. Our team can help set forth content strategies and editorial calendars to ensure your content is reaching your audiences regularly. Additionally, we’ll make sure the site is working for you with a thorough review of your SEO and ongoing updates to keep it fresh.

Ongoing maintenance.

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