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What's your story?

There are many talented designers who can create a simple logo for you. But in our opinion, your identity as a company is so much more than just a pretty mark. You need to first create a story to tell to the marketplace. Only then can high impact visuals make sense and make a difference to your core business strategy.

Step 1

Discovery & Brand Immersion

To better understand where you want to go, we must first explore where you are. Our team is experienced in doing deep, immersive dives into your brand, your market, and your positioning, including a review of all current marketing materials, presentations, and white papers. Other elements of this part of our process include stakeholder interviews (your team, your customers, your investors), secondary research into target verticals, and an exploration of your competitors’ strategies.

Discovery & Brand Immersion
Step 2

Positioning Strategy & Message Matrix

The output of our research will be to develop umbrella positioning to be used as a blueprint for all future marketing communications. Working closely with your team, we will iterate and wordsmith focused messaging directed to each market segment, and deliver a messaging platform that will resonate with all your core audiences.

Step 3


As your story begins to take shape, the entire KBD team brainstorms on a compelling visual strategy to hammer it home to your audience. Hundreds of logo sketches and concepts get optimized into a select few we believe best illustrate your firm’s message and story. After a few rounds of refinements on selected favorites, we’ll show the final contenders in context for you, allowing your team to start seeing the vision come into focus.

Step 4

Build it out

Color, typography, and image style are all a part of your brand. We’ll work with your team to select elements that work well together and show off your company’s personality. Used consistently and following a comprehensive but flexible set of brand guidelines, this visual package will start to become identifiable as your brand in the marketplace.

Build it out

All that being said...feel the logo love.

We’ve done a lot of logos over the years. Here’s a few of our favorites:

All that being said...feel the logo love.

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